JEE Tutorial

The main focus of these tutorials are to
  1. Help you get familiarized with the common tools and frameworks used in commercial Java development.
  2. Help you get started on a self-taught Java project to gain much needed hands-on experience by expanding on these tutorials.
There is no substitute for hands-on experience, so get into it. In my view, it is better to show off your prospective employers your self-taught Java/JEE projects utilizing the sought after technologies/frameworks than just taking pride only in your academic achievements.

Simple Java tutorial  Getting started with Java, Maven, and eclipse

Good understanding of this tutorial is required before you can work through the other Java and JEE tutorials.

Java EE (i.e JEE) tutorial  Getting started with a simple Web application

A basic Java EE tutorial using eclipse, maven, and Tomcat. This tutorial assumes that you have read the simple Java tutorial.

Creating a simple Java Web project with Maven tutorial --3 part step by step tutorial

JSF 2.0 tutorial

A simple JSF tutorial with eclipse, Maven, and Tomcat server. JSF is a standard to implement Java based web framework. JSF 2 introduces a number of new features. It provides a standardized mechanism to support Ajax, input validation using annotations (JSR 303), facelets as default rendering engine.

JSF Interview Questions and Answers tutorial style

SQL Tutorial with HSQLDB

Acquire or sharpen your SQL and database skills, use it for your self-taught projects as a database, use it in commercial projects to write unit tests for your data access layer, and used in the ensuing tutorials on JDBC and Hibernate as the database

JDBC tutorial with HSQLDB

JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity and it is an interface for which various drivers are written for the relevant databases. This is a typical example of the bridge design pattern.

Hibernate tutorial with HSQLDB

Hibernate is a popular ORM tool for accessing databases from Java. It is used in many commercial projects. This tutorial will clarify some of the concepts discussed in Hibernate Interview Questions and Answers.

Hibernate Query Language (HQL) tutorial

Hibernate tutorial with Spring and annotations

Hibernate tutorial on automatic dirty checking of persistent objects and handling detached objects

Spring and Hibernate JDBC tutorial

You will be hard pressed to find a job advertisement for Java developers without the Spring framework skills. Spring framework is very vast and widely used in enterprise Java applications.

Spring Dependency Injection (DI) and (IoC) Inversion of control tutorial

Spring tutorial understanding Spring scopes -- Singleton Vs Prototype

Spring lookup-method tutorial to inject prototype scoped bean into a singleton bean

Wiring up Spring framework Dependency Injection with annotations tutorial

Deadlock retry with Spring AOP using aspectj tutorial

Creating Java custom annotations with Spring aspectj AOP


Restful Web Service Tutorial with Apache CXF

More and more web services are written using the RESTful approach, this tutorial makes use of the Apache CXF as the JAX-RS implementation framework.

SOAP (JAX-WS) Web Service Tutorial with Apache CXF, eclipse and maven

This tutorial makes use of the Apache CXF as the JAX-WS implementation framework to implement a SOAP based Web Service..

RESTEasy tutorial to create RESTFul web services with Maven and Eclipse

RESTEasy is a popular implementation of JAX-RS specification which provides a Java API for RESTful Web Services over the HTTP protocol.

RESTEasy with Spring tutorial

Spring batch tutorial

Spring batch is an enterprise level framework to write batch jobs. In another words an ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tool.

JasperReports with iReport tutorial

JasperReports is a framework to produce PDF, Excel, HTML, etc reports. iReport is used for creating the templates.

Drools Tutorials with Maven

Rule Engines can offer a lot of value, in certain instances. The biggest pro that I've seen for rules engines is that it lets the Business Rule owners implement the business rules, instead of putting the onus on programmers.

Basic Drools tutorial with a non-trivial example

Yammer Metrics with Spring tutorial

for monitoring and health checks. Gather reports via JMX, RESTful API, Log4J, HttpClient, etc.

Standalone Apache Camel and Spring tutorial

Apache Camel is a rule-based routing and mediation engine which provides a Java object-based implementation of the Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) using an API to configure routing and mediation rules..

Standalone Apache Camel with Spring tutorial -- file transformer
Apache Camel and Spring with properties file to move files
Advanced Apache Camel tutorial
Advanced Apache Camel Parallel Processing Tutorial

Ehcache Beginner tutorial

Ehcache is a widely used open source distributed cache for general purpose caching in Java EE and light-weight containers.

Other Java Tutorials


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